St. George Island, FL

After a short week back home (extra short because we had to DRIVE home from GA with the Schaumburg crazies, which went perfectly well) we were off again -- this time down to Florida for a Reinhardt family vacation. Though we got a little rain, it couldn't rain on our parade. We enjoyed our cloudy beach walks and spending time with family. G may be a warm weather gal like her daddy, but may be more like her mommy on the beach -- prefers watching the waves vs. being in them. And she's not crazy about being dunked under water...

Palmetto Bluff | H+C Wedding

We arrived to Palmetto Bluff on Thursday and settled in to our beautiful home for the weekend, did a little exploring to get our bearings, then welcomed guests! A fun night with wonderful friends and family. The next day was spent pool side and prepping for the rehearsal dinner!

The Rehearsal Dinner was one of the most beautiful nights, out at Delta Plantation, with the mossy oaks, the light, the view -- it was stunning. We enjoyed cocktails, music, incredible southern comfort food and the best company. I would repeat this night over and over if I could!

Wedding Day. This day came and went SO quick, as they always do, and I wish it didn't. We spent the day relaxing poolside, the perfect way to recover from the night before and prepare for the big night. It was a perfectly cool evening and beautiful wedding. I didn't take many pictures, because no pictures will do the whole weekend justice except Carrie Pattersons - check them out! So happy for H+C -- we love you both dearly!!

The following day, we stuck around Palmetto and spent time poolside (again), biking, porch swinging, and zip lining at the treehouse. A perfect way to end a perfect weekend!!