Travel | Portland, OR: Part II

Saturday started with sleep - and lots of it - we slept in late, then ventured to Screen Door for a Southern brunch (wait is long here if you aren't there before it opens). We had a bit of a wait, so we walked to the nearest Voodoo (Too) Doughnuts to see what the hype was about. After our 30+ minute wait, they were not impressed with our very basic and plain doughnut order, and maybe thats why we weren't impressed. Voodoo doesn't hold a candle to DK or Goodie Shoppe! Before we knew it our table was ready for brunch and we headed back for some delicious fried chicken and waffles. Afterwards we headed down to the Portland Saturday Market, which ended up being extremely overwhelming and lead us to pop around some shops in town (Animal Traffic, MadeHere PDX), then grab a beer at Rogue Brewery. Home for some Sorry (yes, we played Sorry all weekend long) and down time before heading for dinner at Pok Pok. A wait again led us to drinks + euchre at a neighboring bar. Wait was worth it -- Pok Pok was great (insanely good, must not miss dishes: fish sauce wings, Kaeng Hang Leh: pork curry). An early dinner left time for us to continue our games (which I must state between all games, girls won a running total 20-1??) - to the bowling alley we went. Yes, the girls even won at bowling (twice). 

Sunday started with a healthy breakfast at Kure (delicious) for smoothies and bowls before heading for Providence Park to watch the Portland Timbers play the Seattle Sounders. This game was pretty insane for MLS - it felt like we were in Europe watching a different league and we loved it. When the game ended with a Timbers victory we headed for lunch, stopping at Lardo for a sandwich. As the name implies, these were heavy (and incredibly tasty) and we left very full and needing to lay down for a bit. Our last night was spent on Mississsippi (thanks Kate for the rec!) stopping at The Rambler for some bocce, and Lovely's Fifty-Fifty for dinner (another Goop rec). Wish we had more time to poke around this area!! Next time. We headed home to relax before our long travel day. Monday we woke, packed, grabbed a perfect brunch at Tasty n Sons before heading to the airport. Perfect amount of time in this city -- only wish we could have squeezed in more!!