Family Weekend in Chicago

This weekend the whole Louis crew came to Chicago (A+S, Bean & Bean, Hunt and Linds). It was one of our more interesting family gatherings to say the least! Friday we spent poking around Michigan Avenue, visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo and eating Sprinkles. Juan happened to be in Chicago and joined us for dinner at Japonais. Dinner was absolutely amazing -- I cannot wait to go back. After dinner we went to Kingston Mines to listen to some Blues. A perfect start to our weekend!

Saturday we grabbed breakfast at my favorite -- Toast in Lincoln Park. We wandered through some shops before heading down to the Bean (Bean & Bean needed a picture in front of it, obviously). Some more Michigan Avenue shopping and Buffs football watching before another dinner. For dinner we went to Hugo's Frog Bar. Due to feeling ill, I was unable to enjoy dinner and ended up going home. It may have been a good thing, as Sunday almost everyone felt sick from an overload of food and booze.

It was so great to see everyone, I can't wait to get home in a few weeks for another reunion. Hope everyone is feeling better and recovering from our weekend :)