Thanksgiving "Break"

Wow.. lots to catch up on! I have been back home in Columbus for the past week for my own Thanksgiving break. The week leading up to Thanksgiving felt more like Thanksgiving than the actual day did -- as Hunt, Cyd and Bennett were all in town. The siblings left for the holidays... Cyd and Bennett to Charlotte and Hunt to Louisiana. Boy did they miss an incredible meal! Forbes' Turkey Confit was insane and made this the best Thanksgiving meal by far. We also got to celebrate Zoe and Olivia's birthdays after dinner.

Friday was a fun filled day -- we drove down to Lancaster, OH to the Hocking Hills to see Old Man's Cave and Conkles Hollow. I had not been back since 6th grade camp, so it was really neat to see it all again... it truly is amazing. Our exploring was followed by a big family dinner at Rigsby's and walking through the gallery.

Saturday was Ohio State v. Michigan game day! After taking Lev for her usual park session, it was time to get ready for the game. We watched the first half at the Maghie's and second at home with Dad. I must say, I was glad to watch the Buckeyes lose to Michigan in the company of my Dad -- made it not such a tough loss. Saturday night E and I had dinner with his folks at home. It was an absolutely beautiful night -- we sat outside by a fire for hours. After dinner it was home to C&B's for a movie night. So glad to have them back!!

We had much fun on Sunday going to Grandville, OH to cut down C&B's christmas tree. We went to Timbuk Farms, a farm of 300 acres and LOTS of trees. We found the most perfect tree, cut it down, threw it on the car and drove it home to decorate! Definitely an upgrade from their tree/plant from last year! We had one last family dinner at A+S's before E and I headed to the airport... back to Chicago! Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving :)