First Day of Work!

Today marks my first day of work with! How nice it feels to be on the same schedule as E... FINALLY! Today was made up of familiarizing myself with the industry and company as well as new hire orientation. I find my office consumed by gaudy orange, yet again! It's feeling much like Chegg -- they even gave us track jackets too! Looking forward to getting started on the exciting projects they have in mind for me. A+S have packed up the U-Haul and will hit the road in the morning and be in Chicago Thursday. C&B will bring another U-Haul up from Columbus on Friday with Lev. Excited to get settled into my cute garden apartment and have A here to make it feel like home. Apartment updates to come at the end of the weekend! Thank you to A+S and C&B for making the move for me :) I owe you!