Cabin Getaway

The Chicago crew does an annual beer olympics/Wisconsin cabin weekend and it happened to be this past. We drove up to the cabin on Friday and hung as people continued to arrive into the night. Saturday were the beer olympics, with each team dressed as a movie. The teams consisted of: Heavyweights (my team), Willy Wonka (E's team -- all as oompa loompas), Dodgeball, Hook, Mighty Ducks, and Sandlot. Though the olympics got close to ending, we never actually finished. We stopped short of the championship game of relay. Proud to say my team won 2 of the 3 events that were completed and had made it to the championship of the final game. Bed followed shortly after then an early wake up to clean and get back to Chicago. Here we sit, shocked another week is about to begin. Just finished up dinner and will watch 24 until we fall asleep. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.