Weekend Update

Another great weekend! Thursday I went to dinner to celebrate Kristen's 24th birthday, then to her party Friday. Before heading out on Friday E and I watched Georgetown's first lacrosse game of the season then went to our club to play tennis (our new racquets are AMAZING -- special thanks to Nan!!) Saturday was lazy... whats new. We went to a Lincoln Park bar to watch the Georgetown basketball game, then parted ways for the evening. I met up with Taylor and Vanessa from Boulder to have cocktails and dinner. It was really great to catch up and find out that I live a stones throw away from Taylor! Sunday I grabbed a coffee and muffin and headed to Lincoln Park Zoo. A gorgeous day in Chicago -- perfect for exploring. I sat and enjoyed breakfast on a bench by the lions -- their deep roars still amaze me every time. I met up with Weasel after and attempted to ice skate at Wrigley Field (the warm weather kept us from doing that, as the ice had melted). The Buckeyes game then bed. Monday again already!