Mugs & Will in Chicago!

This weekend we were lucky enough to have Molly and Will visit! Hitting the road earlier than planned, we were able to have a long evening together on Friday after they arrived. After cocktail hour at home we headed to Bluebird, in Bucktown, for a cozy dinner. After playing lots of catch up we made a stop at Kingston Mines before calling it a night. Linsey provided us with constant laughter and lines that were repeated all weekend long.

Saturday was an early morning wake up at 6:30. I whipped up a quick breakfast of parmesan eggs and bloodys to kick off our St. Patricks Day. To Lizzie McNeill's we went for the festivities. An overly crowded place that is down on the river. Though, it was not what we were expecting -- you couldn't even see the river and sunlight between the tents were minimal. After a few overly priced beers we decided to get a better view. We grabbed a 12-pack and ventured to the other side of the river to sit in the grass right on the green river -- MUCH better. The afternoon was spent bar hopping and visiting with cousins (Will's and Eric's). Dinner came before we knew it and it was off to Rose Angelis. Home by 9:30 and asleep shortly after that.

This morning we grabbed a bite at Toast before sending off our guests, back to Cincy. Oh how much fun we had -- wishing the weekend never had to end! Hoping for more frequent visits from these two! We miss you already.