Reinhardt Vacation to Marco Island

E and I spent the past weekend in Marco Island, Florida with his family. SO fun. We headed out Wednesday night after work for a long weekend in paradise. Arriving late, we stayed up until the early morning on the condo balcony just catching up -- overlooking the ocean, listening to the waves. We woke early Thursday and hit the beach with mimosas (and apparently poorly applied sunscreen). We tanned, swam, drank, spotted dolphins and repeated this cycle every hour. We left the beach absolutely fried. After a scolding shower we ventured to dinner, then home to catch the Buckeyes game. I must admit... it is quite fun watching OSU basketball with Mr. Reinhardt, a past player.

Friday was an early start -- E and I hopped in the car and headed up to Naples to visit with Megan and Nathan who happened to be vacationing as well! Before meeting them, we made a stop at Aunt Missy's store to see she and Papa. Oh how I've missed them! So glad to have gotten the chance to see them and for E to finally meet Papa. We went to Meg and Nathan's hotel afterwards and spent the entire day lounging by the pool and in the lazy river. Perfection.

Our final day before heading to Tampa for the night. We spent most of Saturday poolside, swimming and soaking our burns in the hot tub. We headed to the beach for one last hurrah -- paddle boarding. What fun. We attempted doubling up on the board, though this did not work too well (E's poor balance put him in the water every few minutes). Looking forward to trying this again, but in calm water -- hoping the experience will be just as fun, perhaps a bit more relaxing. Wrapped up pool time then headed to Tampa. Watched the Buckeyes win again, then hit the hay. Too burned to sunbathe on Sunday, E and I went to Hunger Games before catching our flight home. So long Florida... you are missed.

Many thanks to the Reinhardt's -- many wonderful memories made!