Weekend Update

This weekend was a cozy one. The temperature dropped and we saw some snow. E and I did what we like to do best during times like these -- curl up at home, watch movies, have 24 marathons, and cook. We did venture out into the cold on Saturday to try breakfast at 2 Sparrows, a place we have heard SO many good things about. It did not disappoint, it was absolutely delicious... especially the maple bacon doughnut. Errand after errand after errand, then home to get out of the cold. Today we prepped for our guests coming in a couple weeks, Molly and Will, by making pepper-infused vodka for bloodys. We skyped with Angel Girl, watched Ohio State pull out another close victory accompanied by Mom's famous artichoke dip, and are now curling up to watch Sherlock Holmes 2. Hope everyone had a great weekend too!