Baseball Season Has Arrived!

What a great weekend we had! Despite the chilly weather, the sun was shining and we made sure to make the most of it. Friday was lazy, as always, and storming so we stayed in our cozy apartment reliving childhood watching JTT in Wild America. We woke early Saturday to go to the gym before heading up to Wrigleyville to catch the Cubs take on the Reds. We got the bleacher tickets from a friend of mine at work -- loved sitting out there. We treated ourselves to a few Heineken Lights and a dog -- our first drink in 2 weeks! Saturday we stayed in and watched Friday Night Lights (finishing up Season 1 since E had never seen them before!!). Today we went and saw Mirror Mirror (I just love Julia Roberts) -- it wasn't horrible, but the popcorn treat was the best part! To the gym we went: ran, bakers dozen (thank you, Mugs), basketball and home for dinner. Ina'a recipes were our influence tonight -- Asian Salmon and Sugar Snap Peas. Game of Thrones and bed :) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Looking forward to our trip home on Friday!!