Our Week & Weekend

This week consisted of work, working out and healthy eating. We stocked up with all the necessary eats to make it through the week. 1 week into the diet/fitness competition and we're feeling good! We've finally been taking full advantage of our gym membership -- can't wait for warmer weather so we can enjoy the rooftop with the beautiful skyline view!

Our weekend was very low key, starting with a movie night in on Friday. Saturday we hit the gym before heading for a walk down Michigan Ave (terrible idea on a weekend...we forgot). Aside from the loads of people, it was beautiful -- crazy tulips lining the sidewalks, which reminded me of pearl street's tulip beds! We went to the movies and saw 21 Jump Street then home for yet another movie night -- this time War Horse. Sunday was productive. We woke, worked out, grabbed lunch with Sammy and Andy, walked a big 5 mile loop over to the Zoo, down to the water, up the lake shore and back home again. Home for some fish tacos, Frozen Planet and Game of Thrones. Hope everyone had a great weekend too!