Weekend Update

A great weekend. Friday we grabbed sushi after work, then home for movie night. The movie: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Saturday we woke early, made breakfast, ran errands, then headed to Wrightwood Tap for their first annual Clawfest. We had a lot of fun here -- unlimited lobster claws and unbelievably delicious butter dips from Twisted Butter. After filling up on lots of lobster, we headed out to watch the Final Four. Sadly, the Buckeyes did not have success, which led to us heading home early and off to bed. We had a VERY lazy Sunday... had a Game of Thrones marathon to catch up for the Season 2 Premiere and that is about it! Grilled cheese and tomato soup made for a cozy dinner before our 4 day week! Hope everyone had a great weekend!