Mugs' Bachelorette!

This weekend was by far one of my favorites... Molly's bachelorette weekend spent at their beautiful home in Ocean Ridge, Florida. Special thanks to KO for putting together such a perfect gathering. We ventured to the house Thursday night to meet Kristen and Abbey (friends from home). We stayed up all night and into the morning catching up on oh so much. We greeted Kate and Abby Vollmer in the morning and started our weekend. Beach day! Following a long day at the beach, we headed into Delray for the most perfect evening ever. We had dinner at the Chef's table at Buddha Sky Bar, which was a private rooftop patio off the kitchen. Many drinks & laughs, wonderful food & the best company.

We woke Saturday, made breakfast and awaited the arrival of the "special guest" -- Miss Lipshtick. We all got our lips, handwriting and signatures read. We had SO much fun with this and I think she just may have turned all of us non-believers into true believers! We soaked up sun in the afternoon before hopping onto a boat for a booze cruise. We cruised for a couple hours, saw a bunch of manatees, had a few drinks, then got dropped off at Deck 84 for dinner. After wandering Delray, we headed home to continue the fun.

Sunday was kicked off with a brunch up at the Ocean Club. The pool looked so inviting we ended up spending the day there. We headed home for some bocce ball and before we knew it were watching a storm roll in. We spent the evening gathered around the Pictionary board (our team won -- sorry to my slave, Kate) while the rain poured down outside. Monday arrived with sun and we were able to soak up a few more hours before we were airport bound. Unbelievable weekend -- am now even more excited for August 18th weekend. Love and miss you all so much. XOXO