Try it Tuesday-Chicago #34

This past week we went to Untitled, a speakeasy in River North. A quite difficult spot to find, as there is absolutely no sign for it. This was Part I of our first surprise date (thank you for the idea, Miss Lipshtick). June was E's month and he did not disappoint! Thought things didn't go exactly as planned, we had a wonderful evening, no doubt. We much enjoyed Part I, our meal at Untitled:

Grilled peach and arugula salad: cured virginia ham, almonds, goat cheese
Crispy squash blossoms: truffle honey, farmer's cheese, piperade puree
Oyster Rockefeller: spinach artichoke fondu, bacon bread crumbs
Pork Chop: pickled plums, pistachio mustard, dandelion greens