Weekend Recap

Another quick weekend! This weekend couldn't have started off better -- Friday morning we had a company brunch at the office before heading to Wrigley Park for the Cubs game. In a matter of minutes, clouds came out of nowhere and covered the sun... never to be seen again that day. Needless to say, the game was delayed 5+ hours because of the heavy downpour. It was exciting to experience the Sheffield Rooftops, though I hope to next time catch the game! Due to company arriving into town, I headed out before the game began to meet my guests. Kat and Tony came in for the weekend -- their first stop on their journey out to LA. It was SO wonderful to finally meet Tony, Kat's fiance as of 2 weeks ago! We had a great weekend watching The Goonies, hanging out with Ohio friends, making new Ohio friends, wandering Michigan Ave, eating at Taco Joint and receiving VIP service at RPM. Sad to see them leave this morning, but very happy we were FINALLY able to catch up. A visit to LA will be planned very soon. Drive safe!! XOXO