Home Sweet Home

This weekend we headed home for a few reasons -- belated birthday celebrations for Dad & Cyd, a fall weekend in Ohio, Buckeye tailgating and a visit from Molly & Will. We kicked off the weekend with a dinner at Rigsby's, followed by M&W's first trip to Jeni's. Yum.

We woke early Saturday, had Tremont Goodie Shop and mimosas before heading down to tailgate. While the boys went in, the girls headed to German Village to pick up a Louis favorite -- Katzingers. Home we went to watch the game and relax for the afternoon. The evening was spent at Rocky Fork with the Wolff/Crane crew. Words can't even describe how cozy this night was! Drinks and apps fire side before heading to the table for dinner + Jeni's (again) + hummers.

M&W took off early Sunday just before C&B came home. I spent the day visiting Nan & Da, running errands with A, visiting with the Reinhardts and enjoying our standard Sunday night dinner -- Tommy's.