Family in Chicago

Due to a wedding, the Louis/Schaumburg crew headed to Chicago this weekend! E and I were lucky enough to steal a bit of their time (and all of the 3 dogs')!

Friday E and I took A+S to Girl & the Goat for a perfect dinner, as always -- it never seems to disappoint. Afterwards we headed to Hotel Lincoln -- wanting a rooftop to enjoy the "warm" weather. They had a fire going, which made for a very cozy night. We woke early Saturday (thank you, Eastern time zone dogs) and headed down to Doughnut Vault. We got there at 9 (opens at 9:30) and were not close to the front of the line. This tiny spot has so much character and is so tasty it's totally worth the wait! The afternoon was spent popping around town running errands, grabbing drinks with the Maghie family and dinner at Bricks. Sunday was Doughnut Vault round 2 (leftovers due to the pregnant lady being in charge of ordering). After watching Sunday Morning they hit the road and just as quick as the weekend came... it was gone. Much looking forward to next Tuesday when I head home for Thanksgiving!