A Perfect Saturday

Beautiful Spring weather has finally arrived in Chicago and we made sure to take full advantage! Saturday we woke up, got our bikes out and headed down to the meatpacking district (West Loop) to grab lunch at Publican Quality Meats. I LOVE this place. We grabbed a couple sandwiches to have a picnic and we just couldn't resist picking out something to cook Sunday night. Our lunch choices: 

Parm #2: breaded chicken cutlet, basil tomato sauce, friend sage and mozzarella on franks n' dawgs roll
Little Butcher Boy: cappicola, liverwurst, arugula, mustard girl spicy honey mustard, aioli, pickle & balsamic
Peanut butter sandwich cookie & chocolate chip cookie

Next stop was Lincoln Park's lily pond to enjoy our lunch and boy was it good! After lunch we headed to the zoo, then to Big Star. We have been meaning to go here forever and were lucky to snag seats at the bar where we spent the rest of the afternoon. Can't wait to get back to this place -- next time earlier in the day to get seated outside to avoid the 2 hour wait! Drinks with friends + beer pong + Rose Angelis followed. A pretty perfect day.