Try it Tuesday-Chicago #69

The place: Mott St.

The eats:
Brussel sprouts: lamb pancetta and maple brown butter
Kimchi & oaxaca spring rolls: served with chimichurri creme-fraiche
Everything wings: glazed with soy, jaggery and dried chilis, tossed with sesame, poppy seed
Pork neck: whiskey marinated, with nam jim jaew
Stuffed cabbage*: napa kimchi cabbage rolls stuffed with pork butt and sticky rice, pan seared and boiled in kimchi broth

The review: E heard about this new place, as it owned by the same people as one of our favorites, Ruxbin! We were extremely excited to try out their new spot, but I must admit, we were fairly underwhelmed by the food. Stuffed cabbage was unreal good, but other than that, most things were just OK. The atmosphere isn't bad, but we aren't sure it's enough to get us to come back. Sad TiT :(