Sunday Funday

Though most wouldn't consider our day a Sunday Funday -- that is exactly what I would call it. This is my idea of a perfect Sunday. We woke, cooked breakfast then hit the road on our bikes to visit Wicker Park's Farmer's Market. We picked up fresh homemade spinach & garlic fettuccine, fruits, veggies and all the fixings for tonights dinner. After getting the goods, we stopped in Big Star for a drink -- it was just too nice out not to. Lakeshore SF followed for some much needed sun bathing until cocktail hour. Cheese plate (thank you Kate for our new cheese board!) + moscow mules (thank you Hunt for my copper mugs!) were our pre-dinner treats and were great. Dinner was AMAZING thanks to our farmer's market pick ups. We made corn on the cob, filets and Kate's kale + brussel sprout salad. YUM. I've been meaning to try Kate's salad for ages and we finally got around to making it -- so worth it -- highly recommend! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)