Home Again, Home Again

This past weekend E and I headed back home to see Bridge and to buy our very first car!! Special thanks to the Germain's for hooking us up with our wonderful new whip -- we love it! The rest of the weekend was spent spending time with family & the Maciejacks, golfing and spending time grilling out on the Oakridge back porch. The best part about being home is seeing Bridger change -- it is so fun watching him grow up! This weekend he showed us how much he loves grabbing his toes and really anything you put in front of him (especially things you are eating or drinking). We even witnessed a first -- he held his bottle all by himself!! Sad to go, but looking forward to seeing them this weekend in Saugatuck!

Cookout recipes:
Blood orange sangria
Black bean, avocado & goat cheese tacos + we added pulled pork
- Spiced chicken tacos (inspiration) + grilled corn, avocado, cilantro, spicy salsa
- Fish tacos: corn torts, white cheddar, mahi mahi, pineapple/mango, avocado, red cabbage.