Try it Tuesday-Chicago #73

The place: Arami

The eats:
Braised short rib donburi; pickled asian pear, pickled fresno
Sake garlic; salmon, garlic vinegar sashimi (YUM.)
Sweet potato yasai + honey maki
Shrimp tempura asparagus + spicy shrimp maki
Hamachi maguro ebi + jalapeno maki
Soft shell crab + spicy ebi + green pepper maki

The review: We liked this place! We headed down to Wicker Park with Meg & Nathan for this week's TiT. The food was wonderful, but I think this is more of a place for sashimi vs. rolls -- the salmon sashimi was insanely fresh and I'm really picky about my salmon. Atmosphere here was good too -- they even had a saki and beer tasting bar up front. I think it's safe to say we would go back here.