We're Engaged :)

8.9.13. What I thought was going to be a quiet weekend in Saugatuck with C&B, turned into the most amazing weekend of all time. Friday night E proposed and I was absolutely blown away. I am a very hard person to surprise, I have to admit, and I was so shocked -- I had no clue it was happening until he told me to put my phone in my pocket :)

"The Story":

Friday night E and I left Chicago to meet up with The Schaumburg's in Saugatuck, MI. They arrived a bit earlier than we did, and with no key to the apartment they said they would meet us at the beach. We had been planning to do a big picnic on the beach for sunset, bring down Lev and just hang (this is very normal for us). When we arrived at the beach we saw The Schaumburg's car parked and Lev inside -- dogs aren't technically allowed on the beach so I figured they'd gone down already and were waiting to bring her down. I follow E down the stairs and started scanning the beach for C&B and I couldn't see them anywhere (maybe they had taken Bridger for a walk? maybe we weren't far enough down the stairs to see them yet?). I picked up my phone and tried to call them -- no service, but I kept trying. As I reached the bottom of the stairs E politely asked, "will you put your phone in your pocket." After he repeated himself I finally realized what was happening. I looked over to my left and there was the most beautiful little picnic set up -- it was straight out of a dream.

We walked over to the blanket and it is there that he got down on one knee, opened the picnic basket to retrieve the ring, and asked me that little 4 word question. I said yes, we heard cheers, then C&B&B ran out of the tree line above us and down the stairs to the beach. As we were hugging, I looked over to the stairs and see A, S and Hunt come running down too. It was the most special 10 minutes of my life.

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating this exciting time. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and congratulations -- we truly appreciate all your love and support! Saugatuck was always a special place for us, but now it is so much more. E, I love you and could not be happier :) I am so excited for the next year, and beyond!

[More pictures from the weekend to come!]