Try it Tuesday-Chicago #79

The place: Piccolo Sogno

The eats:
Spinach salad; crispy house cured pancetta, radicchio, apples and gorgonzola
Pappardelle + wild boar ragu
Prosciutto pizza + tomato basil sauce
Mushroom risotto (special)

The review: We've been meaning to go here forever -- and finally made it this week. After hearing so so many good things about this place and being very excited, I'm sad to say we were slightly disappointed! The salad and pappardelle were amazing, but our final two dishes were just not good enough. Perhaps we are spoiled from Rigsby's -- which has the best mushroom risotto around, hands down (and a damn good prosciutto pizza too!) Good news is they allow you to get appetizer sizes of their pastas? We may try it again when its warm enough to sit on the patio, but even E (who really loves Italian) said it may be a 1 and done :(