Try it Tuesday-Chicago #81

The place: Paramount Room

The eats:
Steak tartare; hand-cut wagyu beef, dijon, parsley, red onion, egg
Hand dipped fish & chips; hand-cut fries with malt vinegar
Shaved pork belly flat bread; asparagus, parmesan, egg
Tempura fried green beans; spicy dipping sauce + fresh lime

The review: I first heard about this spot from Bennett, who had read about it on Gallivant. If you're looking for a laid back, casual, cozy bar atmosphere for dinner -- this would be a great option. Their menu takes bar food to a whole new level, as it is more upscale and extremely tasty. They have a "no crap on tap" moto, which makes this place also great for beer (and yummy cocktails too!) Would definitely recommend if a low key night -- and grab a both right across from the kitchen!