Schaumburgs in Chicago

Weekends with the Schaumburgs are some of the best and this one was simply perfect! We grabbed them from the airport Saturday morning and headed to La Colombe (an old Philly favorite) for some coffee before lunching at Au Cheval. Swinging at the park, cocktails at home (peanut infused bourbon manhattans -- YUM) and a night out for the adults followed. We checked a new place off our list for dinner -- Parson's Chicken and Fish (awesome) -- then finally got to take Bennett to Billy Sunday. With an early time change wake up, we went straight to Heritage for coffee (& pre-breakfast snack -- Glazed and Infused donuts… added bonus). This is just the best way to spend a morning. Afterwards we were ready for breakfast! We headed to Bang Bang Pie Shop for biscuits -- definitely a new favorite! Have to thank Cyd for this idea, as it wasn't even on my radar! So delicious in the best atmosphere. With full bellies we ventured to the Field Museum, as Bridger LOVES taxidermy (the heads on the walls in Jackson got him hooked). Our long day was followed by much needed down time at the apartment with a fire, movie and some deep dish Chicago-style pizza. A very successful weekend. Sad to say goodbye to the Schaumburgs :(