Try it Tuesday-Chicago #87

The place(s): The Berkshire Room & Restaurant Beatrix

The eats:
Enlightened caesar; capers, croutons, grana padano, greek yogurt dressing
Turkey, sweet potato & greens neatloaf; braised kale + vegetable gravy
Caramelized pork shank w/ cider reduction; sweet potato + braeburn apple

The review: We've been doing a good job of pairing bar & restaurant for TiT lately! This week we nailed the bar and totally failed dinner. Oops :) We started with cocktails at The Berkshire Room which was great -- atmosphere and cocktails were delicious. You can order off their menu of wonderful drinks or give some guidance and let the mixologists go to work. How Beatrix ended up on my list of places to try, I may never know. There isn't much to say about this place -- atmosphere wasn't good and the food was average. Needless to say… we wouldn't recommend this spot :)