Try it Tuesday-Chicago #89

The place(s): Leghorn Chicken & Sportsman's Club

The eats:
Pickle brined + chicken breast + biscuit
Nashville hot + chicken breast + biscuit
Chicken fried fries
Mexican coke

The review: Holy smokes this may be another favorite for us. I absolutely love the simplicity… from the space and atmosphere to the staff and menu. It's small and perfect -- walk up and order a chicken sandwich or... a chicken sandwich (choose the style + cut of chicken + bun vs. biscuit), then seat yourself and wait not very long. The style of this place makes it perfect for a quick and super delicious bite. The close once they sell out of chicken - so don't be late! NOTE: this place is BYOB (but who wants a drink over a Mexican coke?!) and cash only (though they do have an ATM inside). After we grabbed dinner we headed across the street to a new bar we've been hearing about -- Sportsman's Club. This place is pretty cool -- definitely has a vibe and experience you can't get anywhere else in the city. They change their cocktail menu weekly and have checkers and chess boards built into their 2-seat booths. NOTE: not good for groups as it only has 2-seat booths and a bar with not much standing room. Definitely worth checking out when you're in the area!

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