S&A Engagement + Birthdays

SO much to celebrate this week! Not only did Sam & Andrew both turn one year older this week, but they arrived home from their trip abroad, ENGAGED. This called for a serious celebration. We could not be more excited for our dear friends and loved being able to share this special time with them! In typical hosting fashion, we had a delicious menu of food + drink…

Soy-lemon steak with arugula
Rosemary roasted potatoes
Strawberry arugula salad + fried goat cheese

Drink: when I first got word they were engaged, fruit was immediately put into the booze to start infusing signature 'his and hers' recipes for this night.
Peach-bourbon smash (white peach infused bourbon)
"Samantha" (strawberry infused vodka + chambord + simple syrup + prosecco)