Try it Tuesday-Chicago #95

The place: Dusek's Board & Beer & Punch House

The eats:
Stuffed pretzel + beer mustard (mustard is so spicy, so good)
Ramp risotto; porcini ragout, pecorino, fried sunchoke, one hour egg
Pork collar; maple braised, spoon bread, three bean salad, preserved rhubarb

The drinks:
Gemuse gimlet; death's door gin, fersh lime sour, ginger, celery bitters, hefeweizen
Spiced bourbon buck; good bourbon, wit spices, lemon, ginger beer
The dutch call; letherbee gin, winter spiced apple, lemon, sparkling wine
Sanyal punch; curried pisco, darjeeling, citrus juices, pineapple, chili flake

The review: Both of these spots were pretty awesome, as you'd expect from the team behind Longman & Eagle. We found ourselves sitting at the bar, making friends with bartender Carlos (?) and man did he hook us up. Not only did he give us great recommendations, but gave us beer tastings to pair with our dishes (highly recommend Tuesdays at the bar with Carlos). Both places had cool vibes, solid cocktails and super tasty food. Note: you can order some of the Dusek's menu downstairs at Punch House. Going early definitely has it's perks when the staff isn't swamped, but I imagine these places are killer when it's busy and dark (Punch House sort of felt wrong with daylight shining into the room). Great duo, for sure.