Kayaking + Boating

Our weekends in Michigan are always so loving and cozy, but this weekend was particularly amazing. We headed to our favorite lakeside town with Sam & Andrew to enjoy summer, which has finally arrived! We had to be quite strategic this trip, as we were trying to knock off some new cool spots that are all seasonal -- and boy did we succeed. So worth being busy! We started our weekend off by grabbing sandwiches (for our boat picnic later) from Farmhouse Deli & Pantry. This area was in desperate need of a cute shop like this -- yummy sandwiches, chips and all sorts of snacks. Afterwards, we hopped in our tandem kayaks and explored Lake Kalamazoo. After lots of paddling, we pulled up to a favorite bar of ours, Red Dock, for beers before trading our kayaks in for a pontoon. The next couple hours were spent out on the boat, anchored in the cove swimming, eating, drinking and enjoying our wonderful company :)