Try it Tuesday-Chicago #98

The place(s): Chop Shop & Jane's

The eats:
Wrapped rare tuna; spinach, wasabi, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, tortilla, citrus soy
Jane's burrito; goat cheese, tofu, black beans, corn, red pepper, mushroom, avocado

The review: After work I headed to Chop Shop to grab a drink and watch the World Cup before meeting up with McCandlish and her new pup, Whitney. I didn't want to commit a full meal to this place, as I've heard mixed reviews and thank goodness. This place just isn't my cup of tea. Perhaps its trying to be too many things -- a restaurant, bar, butcher shop, event space -- spreading themselves thin and doing none of them well. Once it was dinner time we walked around Bucktown, all the way to Jane's. We grabbed a table outside (before it started raining), gave Whit some water and ourselves vino and ate some yummy food. Great neighborhood spot!