Try it Tuesday-Chicago #99

The place: Nico Osteria

The eats (& drink):
Blueberry cobbler; blueberry death's door gin, citrus, honey and amaro cardamaro on crushed ice
Beet & hazelnut pesto fettunta; pickled beet green, fennel, gorgonzola
Garganelli; rock shrimp, arugula pesto, orange
Broccolini; ricotta, hazelnut pesto

The review: This has been all the hype in Chicago for a while now, claiming to be one of the hottest restaurants in town. After work I poked in for a quick bite and I must admit, it was pretty good! (but definitely over-hyped). I grabbed a seat at the bar, which is pretty cool. Bartenders were friendly and nice. My cocktail was super refreshing - they are right saying it tastes like summer on ice and the fettunta was truly amazing (need to learn how to make that!). Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'd go back, there are just far too many places I love way more.