Wedding (Shower) in CMH

This weekend was spent at home in Columbus for a wedding & wedding shower. Such a loving weekend -- sharing these exciting times with friends and family.

Saturday evening was spent celebrating the marriage of Will & Tierney. A beautifully intimate ceremony, followed by an incredibly fun reception. What a special night -- so thankful to be included in the celebration of these two.

Sunday evening was spent at Rocky Fork at our wedding shower, hosted by the Copeland and Weber families. How amazing it was to be surrounded by our nearest and dearest family and friends. The amount of love and support we felt is indescribable. Many many thanks to our hosts for what truly was a perfect night. We love you!

Lots of Bridge time was logged too :)

(^ must be a Louis… he sure loves his doughnuts)

(^ the boy just loves his Poppy a.k.a. "Ta")