Honeymoon: Part I

Day 1: Nairobi >> Meru @ Elsa's Kopje

We flew Air Kenya from Nairobi to Meru to get to our first camp, the stunning Elsa's Kopje, and man did it surpass all expectations! This is the most romantic place we've ever been. My pictures and words just won't do it justice. We arrived at camp, after a game drive from the airstrip, grabbed lunch, enjoyed the incredible pool, then the even more incredible bath at our cottage (house 1... a must), an evening game drive, a sundowner, then a romantic candlelit dinner in the lawn under the stars. The views from this place are just exceptional.

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(^ the Brazilian turned Kenyan favorite, a "Dawa" cocktail, meaning 'medicine' in Swahili, was or sundowner go to. Vodka + honey+ lime + brown sugar)