Peanut-Infused Whiskey

This is an absolute favorite recipe of mine -- it sounds a little strange, but I swear it's the best. I don't follow a specific recipe, so I'll jut share what I do (you can't mess it up)...

Peanut-Infused Whiskey:

What you need: 2 large ball jars, cheese cloth, 1 handle of Jack Daniels whiskey, 1 container of peanuts

Select a whiskey and pick up some unsalted peanuts. You will end up filling whatever jar you infuse in 1/3 with peanuts, so get the appropriate amount based on that. 
(I use 2 large ball jars, 1 handle of Jack Daniels whiskey, and 1 container of peanuts)

Lightly chop the peanuts. 
(I put them in a plastic baggie and pound with a rolling pin)

Lightly roast the peanuts. You want to put them on the stove top, roasting them until they lightly brown. This gets the oils flowing and makes the infusion happen. 

Once done, fill the ball jars evenly with peanuts (1/3). Pour the whiskey into the jars evenly (2/3) and close.

Give the jars a shake daily for 7 days.

Once your whiskey has been infusing for 7 days, it's time to filter it. Pour the whiskey into a clean container (any) through cheesecloth. This will keep the peanuts and small particles out. 

For additional filtering (I don't always do this), put the already filtered whiskey in the freezer until the fatty oils of the peanuts make a layer on the top. Scrape of the oils and you're done. 

Cocktail: PB&J Manhattan; use any of your favorite Manhattan recipes, substitute your peanut-infused whiskey and add a splash of cherry juice. Hard to beat.