Tremont Renovation: MASTER PLAN

Some serious demolition is needed in order to open up this first floor and make it livable. Big projects:
- Knocking down wall between the original 'bedroom 4' and living room
- Moving the kitchen to 'bedroom 4'
- Moving entrance to 'bathroom 2' to original kitchen (which will turn into a mudroom)
- Entire re-do of bath and kitchen

Fewer projects on the second floor, but equally as tricky:
- Take down wall between linen closet and bathroom to make shower bigger
- Move toilet to open up the bathroom and make space for large vanity
- Take down wall between back to back closets in 'bedroom 2' and 'bedroom 3' to give 'bedroom 2' a larger closet
- Fill in linen closet door and 'bedroom 3' closet door
- Entire re-do of bath