Tremont Renovation // Rebuilding

And the rebuilding continues…

 (^ The last of demolition - getting up the linoleum floor in the old kitchen)

 (^ Finished taking up the old floor boards and have begun cutting new, clean boards to replace)

 (^ Framed in the new doorway into the 1st floor bathroom and hung the door! This was a first time for all of us, but after lots of leveling and re-leveling we finished and it hangs pretty damn near perfect)

(^ Drilled out spots in every bedroom for the smoke alarms)

 (^ The living room had no ceiling lighting, so we put in a box that will hang our new lighting fixture. We drilled a pilot hole from the crawl space, had E climb a giant ladder to drill out the entire hole, then screwed in the box from the crawl space.)

(^ E & A in the crawl space trying to figure out how/where to drop down the electrical for the switch that will control the living room ceiling fixture. Success!)