Getaway // Yellow Springs, OH

Yellow Springs has been on my radar for quite a while and we finally had the opportunity to go! Those of you who have been to Saugatuck, MI,.. Yellow Springs is very similar (minus it not being a lakeside town). It is small, bright, artsy (very hippy), with so many things to do nearby, good restaurant (craft cocktails + food), Dave Chappelle, and some great dive bars. This place is ideal for warm weather, but winter time has some major perks, including the insanely beautiful Christmas lights display at Clifton Mill, which was our main reason for going. We stayed in the Tower Suite at Jailhouse Suites and it was just perfect (looking forward to checking out Arthur Morgan House next time). Trip highlights were pretty much everything‚Ķ Cards Against Humanity at Yellow Springs Brewery, the lights at Clifton Mill, dinner at Winds Cafe (where we saw Yellow Springs native, Dave Chappelle), Buckeye game at The Gulch, morning coffee from Emporium Wines and the Underdog Cafe, Glen Helen Nature Preserve Exploring (Raptor Center + the actual Yellow Spring), and lastly but certainly not least, famous cheese curds from Young's Jersey Dairy. Already so very excited to get back this Spring (and next Fall to get a Christmas tree).

 (^ Clifton Mill pre-lights turn on)