Tremont Renovation // Rebuilding

And the work on the house continues… After a long holiday break in beautiful Jackson, we are back to the grind at our new home...

^ furring out the old kitchen wall to get it all prepped for drywall

^ Adding insulation on the same wall -- wall separates the old kitchen and garage

^ furred out and insulated the wall behind the downstairs bath, wall between the garage and bathroom 

 ^ furred out what will be the wall bend the sink in the downstairs bath in preparation for drywall

^ finished framing out what is the new upstairs shower (used to be the linen closet!) 

^ E took on the task of chipping off old dried grout that was behind backsplash and sanded down the wall behind the old kitchen sink (to be bar)

 ^ Painting the back bedroom upstairs - used to be a really horrible red. Amazing what a little paint job can do!

 ^ Started painting the beast of a great room… we only got through 1 coat! But even not complete, it no longer feels like a blue fishbowl and looks so great.