Weekend Getaway // Saugatuck, MI

One of our favorite places to visit -- Saugatuck, MI. Travels to here are few and far between now that we are in Columbus and it makes us so sad! With MLK day off, we ventured up north for a winter weekend getaway. We made sure to visit our favorite haunts in Saugatuck, but checked out some new places too... Holland 7 to see American Sniper, Big Lake Brewing for a beer and Northland Lanes for bowling while on our day trip up in Holland and Founder's Brewery up in Grand Rapids. On our drive home Monday we made a special stop to visit Kalamazoo, where S grew up! This was our first time here and it was pretty cool - looking forward to going back with my dad next trip. Places we checked out: Heritage Architectural Salvage & Supply (looks amazing - hopefully it will be open next time), Louis family hot spots including the house my dad grew up in, Bell's Brewery and Kalamazoo Beer Exchange. Love our Michigan trips.