DIY // Poster Hanger

Framing is expensive, so no surprise when I wanted to buy a poster-size print of Eadweard Muybridge's Buffalo Galloping for our dining room - I had to find a less expensive solution. It is so simple and we love the result!

STEP ONE: buy a print (mine was 46x36) and materials: 2 furring strips (1/2 inch), stain (or paint), 2 screw eyes, rope (& stapler + staples if you don't already have). NOTE: make sure you buy a screw eye that will fit the sized rope you want.

STEP TWO: cut the furring strips 2 inches longer than the length of your print -- you want it to be an inch longer than your print on each side and stain (or paint) to your desired color.

STEP THREE: screw in the screw eyes to the furring strip that will be the top piece; place a few inches in from the strip ends.

STEP FOUR: attach the rope ends to the screw eyes (length is totally up to the look you want).

STEP FIVE: lay the furring strips on the ground (face down) and put the poster face down on top of the furring strips. Make sure poster is flat against furring strip and staple top piece to attach. Readjust bottom piece to make sure it is flat - staple the bottom.

STEP SIX: hang.