Tremont Renovation // Rebuilding

We sure are cranking through work at the house. S leaves in a week for a couple ski weeks in Jackson so we are trying to get as much done as possible before he takes off. I'd say we are making some serious progress!

 (^ Finished filling in the downstairs bath drywall)

 (^Took up the floors in the old kitchen / downstairs bath in preparation for concrete board and tile)

(^ HVAC in the kitchen and everywhere else has been moved and is complete)

(^ Cut in the windows in the kitchen; subway tile will go to ceiling but only to the edge of the windows)

 (^ Started and finished wiring in the basement!)

 (^ More progress in E's closet - drywall and adding trim)
 (^ Finished drywall filling in the old kitchen and applied a coat of BIN to make the walls ready to be skimmed)

 (^ In the upstairs master bath we put in a light, a fan in the shower, framed in where the door to the shower will be and framed in the shower shelf)

(^ Our massive 36" farmhouse sink arrived!! This picture doesn't do it justice... you could bathe a toddler in it)

(^ Couldn't resist a Best Buy steal on the necessary 60" TV... we really like TV)

 (^ Started electrical wiring for the new kitchen; used to be a bedroom so LOTS to do here!)

(^ Framed in the doorway between the new kitchen and old kitchen)

(^ Removed the cabinets from the old kitchen; will be reused for the basement bar and laundry room and be replaced with pretty new charcoal Kraftmaids)