Tremont Renovation // Wiring

A+S have arrived home and we are making some serious progress! Wiring has been a main focus of ours, as once that's done we are one step closer to inspection! Electrical, plumbing and HVAC need to be complete before the city's inspection can be done. After that we can really begin rebuilding!

 (^ Finished painting the entryway - I will be so happy to never see that blue again)

 (^ Finished painting the kitchen ceiling and wall)

(^ Crawl space is all wired and has light!)

 (^ Securing the light above the downstairs bathroom tub/shower)

 (^ Added the vent in the downstairs bathroom)

(^ Wiring electricity up to the downstairs bathroom)

(^ Taking out the sub flooring in the downstairs bathroom so that we can add cement board and our tile )

 (^ Wiring E's new closet)

 (^ New attic access, hidden in E's closet -- needed because the linen closet the access was located in is being turned into our master shower. Also, added new boards for the stairs/shelves in the closet -- a little molding and E's closet will be complete!)

(^ Hoping to perfect my drywalling skills in the downstairs bath -- filling in the old heater and toilet paper roll insert)