Tremont Renovation // Wall Removal + Floor Tiling

In the past couple weeks we've made some serious progress over at the house and more to come this week! It's amazing to be able to feel how the house will live and what it will look like!

 (^ What was a wall to the right of the stairs, sectioning off the old bedroom, has finally been taken down and the proper weight bearing beams installed! The old bedroom in the back right will be our new kitchen, open to the living room. Amazing to finally feel how open this first floor space will live!)

 (^ Installed a new door, up to code, between the house and garage)

(^ Built the half-wall that will be the back side of our peninsula between kitchen and living room)

(^ Finished up kitchen wiring)

(^ Ordered all of our cabinets!!)

 (^ Removed, and sold, our Asian piece from the fireplace. And prepped to lay bricks)

(^ Built the pipe structure that will hold our vintage industrial pendants over our kitchen island)

 (^ Filled in the holes in the bar/mudroom in preparation for concrete board)

(^ Put down the concrete board in the first floor bath and bar/mudroom)

(^ Put down a million screws to secure the concrete board)

(^ Closed up the seams between concrete boards)

 (^ Everyone pitched in to help us lay our wood grain tile in the ever so tricky herringbone pattern. 10 hours later we had the most beautiful floor - well worth the man hours and achy backs)

 (^ The following day we grouted, cleaned, cleaned again, and again. And voila! We are so in love with them!)