Tremont Renovation // Fireplace Brick + Basement Painting

And the work continues... The past week we've made some more good progress! Some big ticket items: demo of the upstairs closets, putting brick on the fireplace, painting the basement, laying the hardwood floor in the back bedroom closet and last but certainly not least, Mike finished all the plumbing so we are all ready for inspection!

(^Due to our master bedroom needing insulating, we decided to attack our master bedroom closet plan (which was supposed to be a down-the-road project), so E and the boys did some demo)

 (^ After perfecting my skills with the herringbone tile floor - I tried out the fireplace. We chose white-washed brick, as it's appropriate for our french-inspired home and tied in the tiles at the base of the fireplace. Pretty excited about how it turned out!)

 (^ Lunch break with our favorite little munchkin)

 (^ Recreated the original entry curves and put up the framing, to keep the original details)

 (^ Lots of work getting the basement closer to what we are hoping for -- E sprayed the entire ceiling, A and I painted the walls, our massive rug arrived, and when S gets home from JH, the pendants will go up!)

 (^ The back bedroom closets we combined into one, required taking out the original hardwoods (which will be used to fill in on the first floor). We bought some finished hardwoods (dark brown, not reddish that they appear in these photos) and installed. Hoping to stain all the hardwoods in the house a similar dark shade)