Tremont Renovation // Fireplace Wood Work + Framing

Yes, more renovating. A life outside of our renovation just doesn't exist right now... and we're okay with that! Super busy May and June will be here soon so we have to go heads down and crank through this stuff. The small additions of our own design choices we are beginning to see keeps us going!

 (^ All of Mike's plumbing! Our master bath double faucet sink and shower)

 (^ The final demo in our master bedroom to make room for new closets)

 (^ Fireplace inspiration; wall color painted wood panels + reclaimed wood mantle)

 (^ We called in the big guns to execute the wood work on our fireplace. We still have to paint it, only primed right now, the wall color and have Randy come back with our reclaimed wood mantle and we can check fireplace off our list!)

(^ Framed our master bedroom closets! This makes our actual room size quite small, but will allow us to keep our things in our room as opposed to the entire upstairs. And we're pretty excited about the character this small hallway will have + barn doors)

 (^ Took off the carpet on the staircase -- what a difference it makes!)