Tremont Renovation // Sanding + Staining Hardwoods

Some major progress has been made at the house - thanks to loads of help from A+S and Hunt too. In additional to what feels like loads of smaller work, we tackled the daunting task of sanding (& staining) the entire house. Though it doesn't look like professionals did the handy work, it looks pretty damn good.

 (^ Finished laying hardwoods, framing and electrical in our master closets)

 (^ Priming and painting the first coat on the fireplace)

 (^ Put in subflooring and finished insulating the upstairs bath)

 (^ Cleared our the old insulation from above the master bedroom via the newly cut holes for our canned lights)

 (^ Feathered in hardwoods where a wall no longer exists)

 (^ Finished putting in all the kitchen cans)

 (^ Sanded the floors - amazing!)

(^ Stained, sealed, sanded, sealed. A+S you are impressive)