Tremont Renovation // Insulation Removal + Cabinets Arrive

It's hard to believe all of this work on our home is almost at an end - the end feels VERY near. We haven't been super busy, as the next things to be complete are bigger, that we opted to hire out: installing cabinets, insulation, drywalling, tiling. But some exciting stuff has been happening on Tremont Road...

 (^ Our cabinets got delivered!!)

(^ Brandon came by and drilled through the stone exterior to allow for bathroom fan and range venting)

(^ We put in thresholds)

 (^ Insulators came and put spray foam insulation in some exterior walls)

 (^ Drywalling that will be covered by a pantry/fridge)

 (^ Removed all the old insulation from the attic and crawl spaces)

 (^ We couldn't help but open a box to see the color and put it in place... I can't wait to be making cocktails at our wet bar)

 (^ In preparation for Jeff's arrival this week, we had to take all of our cabinets out of the boxes! )

 (^ Spring has sprung and our grass is growing quick - lots of yard work is in our future)